You Are Enough

Despite all of the pressures of being a teenage girl, every girl should know that they are not alone. Every girl feels like they’re not enough of something. You are perfect. You are Enough.


A Lovely Misanthrope

I am but a shell,

A meaningless vassal,

A creature of Hell,

In a dark burning castle,


Taken from me,

My hopes and dreams,

No where to flee,

But the sharp ragged streams,


Bruised and Battered,

They left me to lie,

Swords clattered on stone,

No more secrets to hide.


Puckered scars on pink back,

Blood seeps from shredded breast,

Broken bones force body slack,

Drip, drop, goes my blood without rest,


You’ve held in your hand,

My fluttering hope,

Then crushed it to sand,

To craft me, a lovely misanthrope,


You won’t know what you did,

When you took a piece of me,

Sold me to the highest bid,

No meaning left to the word, “Free”

It’s a War of Attrition

If you saw the scars on my hand,

Would you hold them and kiss them,

Tell me I’m perfect,

Though my heart argues with it,


Would you craft me a world,

Lovely and clean,

Or would you leave me alone,

With broken down wings,


If you saw my tear drops,

Sliding down my white face,

Would you dab them and will them,

All the joy it will take,


Would you braid my blonde hair,

Though its too short to last,

Would you hold me as I smile,

As I cry and I laugh,


Would you believe in my dreams,

When no others will,

Would you protect me from demons,

As they hunt and they kill,


Because I would stay with you,

Through every dark moment,

Live for the seconds,

That your heart isn’t broken,


I would dance with your angels,

And kill with your demons,

I would wear down your walls,

To see what lie inside,


We would we fight forever,

Through the passion and lies,

We would erase our past offenses,

For our War of Attrition.

– o.r.a